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IL Caroline Bittermann / Peter Duka
22.10.04 – 06.11.04

Their exhibition at CAPRI is Caroline Bittermann's and Peter Duka's first presentation of works developed after a long period of co-production, the show could thus be read as a "post-collaborative dialogue". It refers to themes and methods that informed the artists' nine-year-long communal practice, to key issues that are now, however, treated in an individually
altered way: Exploring the artificial in the image of nature, the relations of verbal and pictorial languages and the notions of reality in digital vs. painted images.
Caroline Bittermann and Peter Duka depart from what had been their common ground to now engage in a re-definition and elaboration of their individual artistic positions. In CAPRI IL a landscape painted in Grisaille-technique by Peter Duka will face Caroline Bittermann's new portraits on canvas.

Caroline Bittermann        


Peter Duka